ABOUT GoldCoast Cocoa (BRIEF BIO)

GoldCoast Cocoa Company Limited is the producer of GoldCoast Cocoa, a 100% natural cocoa powder brand. Founded in 2008 as ceres Demeter ltd, Goldcoast cocoa is a family-owned Ghanaian company with a focus on growing its capacity to serve both local and international customers in an efficient, timely way.

“At GoldCoast, we affirm our belief in wealth, strength and wellness for everyone through our products. We’re a family driven by love for what we do, respect for our customers and a team culture that delivers on our promise of excellence. Our vision is to stand out as a thriving, indigenous Ghanaian business and inspire other African businesses to rise above all odds to succeed.” - Winfred Djabatey, Founder and Managing Director

Made exclusively from Ghana’s premium cocoa, GoldCoast is suitable for consumption on its own or as an ingredient for the production of confectionery, drinks and baked goods. A distinct feature of the GoldCoast Cocoa brand is its rich, flavorful taste and conveniently sized packaging for both retail and wholesale.


  • Year Founded | 2008
  • Registered as | GoldCoast Cocoa Company Limited
  • Location | Shai Hills, Accra, Ghana
  • Brand | GoldCoast Natural Cocoa Powder
  • Available as | Premium natural cocoa powder in 25kg sacks, 400g pouches and 5g single-use packs

*as of November 2021


  • 2008 Ceres Demeter Limited is incorporated as an agro-based business in Ghana and begins production of 100% natural cocoa powder under the Ceres Natural Cocoa Powder brand
  • 2010 The brand evolves into GoldCoast Natural Cocoa Powder
  • 2018 The company becomes GoldCoast Cocoa Company Limited




  • Email: wini@goldcoastcocoa.com
  • Tel: +233 (0) 26 632 2559 | +233 (0) 20 020 1011