GoldCoast Cocoa is a natural, unsweetened cocoa powder. It can be used in any beverage, recipe or other preparation which requires cocoa as an ingredient. Our team, distributors and customers are a close-knit family united by a common love for GoldCoast Cocoa, which we believe to be the finest cocoa powder on the market.

Our cocoa powder is made exclusively from locally sourced cocoa cultivated in Ghana, a West African country globally known for producing the best-quality cocoa.

Cocoa on its own contains very little sugar. It is also believed that cocoa is best consumed without additives. GoldCoast Cocoa is unsweetened to give you the option of consuming all-natural cocoa powder or sweetening it to taste. We will soon produce a sweetened variety for customers who require a ready mix.

Organic cocoa is cultivated without using most chemical fertilizers, conventional pesticides, bioengineering or other practices and products potentially harmful to the environment. Organic farmers lean towards the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to preserve environmental quality for future generations. As a result, there is a lower risk to public health and to farm workers, their families and consumers by minimizing their exposure to toxic chemicals on farms, in food and in the soil, air and water.

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GoldCoast Cocoa is rich in essential minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium. It is full of antioxidants known as polyphenolic flavonoids, which have been found to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. A study by Tufts University found that epicatechin, a flavonoid found in cocoa, has protective anti-aging effects. Research also indicates that natural cocoa powder lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces blood clots and boosts cognitive performance. Incorporating GoldCoast Cocoa into a balanced diet provides additional benefits to heart and brain health.

GoldCoast Cocoa can be drunk hot or cold as preferred.

GoldCoast Cocoa can be used in any recipe that requires natural cocoa powder.

Although delicious, it is not recommended for babies under two years of age as it contains caffeine. We’ll let you in on a family secret though: Wini, our founder, often shares how attached his two-year-old is to a bottle of GoldCoast mixed with warm milk at bedtime. It has the desired effect every parent of an active child would be grateful for.

Cocoa Fact Sheet

Cocoa powder is a highly concentrated powder made from cocoa beans, the fruit of the cocoa tree. It is used in beverages and as a flavoring ingredient. Cocoa is the key ingredient in chocolate and chocolate confections.

The cocoa bean is the seed of the Theobroma cacao tree, a tropical plant indigenous to the equatorial regions of the Americas. From the processed cocoa bean comes the fluid paste, or liquor, from which cocoa powder and chocolate are made.

Cocoa is a highly concentrated food providing approximately 1,000 calories per kilogram. It provides carbohydrates, fat, protein, and minerals. Its theobromine and caffeine content produce a mildly stimulating effect. The carbohydrates and easily digested fats in chocolate make it an excellent high-energy food.

Cocoa farmers produce over four million tons of cocoa beans per year. The biggest cocoa producers are Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, accounting for two-thirds of worldwide cocoa production. About 850,000 farm families spread over seven cocoa-producing regions of Ghana are believed to be involved in cocoa farming and its related activities. Most cocoa is produced in West Africa; however, the biggest share of cocoa beans – almost 40% – is processed in Europe and only 3.5% of cocoa powder is processed in Ghana. GoldCoast Cocoa Company Limited is proud to be one of the country’s indigenous producers of premium cocoa products.

Source: World Cocoa Foundation, Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa, Ghana Cocoa Board, Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Encyclopedia Britannica.